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Summer Update

The summer has been rolling along at a breakneck pace here at MacLeod Webber.

We were happy to cut our first cheque to the United Way of Lunenburg County earlier this month, to honour the first $800 of our second anniversary pledge. We will be cutting a supplementary cheque at the end of August, as more purchase and sale files opened in July reach a successful close.

We had a great time at the Fresh Air Film Festival at Shipyard's landing on Friday. Our firm sponsored the screening of Coco, and offered free

face painting (our thanks to Five Little Monkeys face painters, who did a phenomenal job). We also provided a very resilient pinata, which took quite a beating before giving up its candy for the crowd.

Finally, we have had the good fortune to work with future-lawyer Lindsay Malloy this summer. Lindsay will be returning to her third year of study at the Schulich School of Law at the end of the month. We will miss her when she goes, but on the plus side, she has agreed to return to take her articles with our firm when she graduates next year.

We hope that you are enjoying this hot and humid summer!

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