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Our Anniversary Pledge to Hinchinbrook Farm Society

We were excited to celebrate our one-year anniversary as MacLeod Webber on July 1, 2017. Many thanks to the clients and colleagues who have supported our firm through its first year in business.

To celebrate our anniversary, we have decided to dedicate a portion of our earnings in the month of July to the Hinchinbrook Farm Society. If you are not familiar with Hinchinbrook Farm, it is an amazing local charity offering therapeutic horseback riding and other activities to support the well-being of people with disabilities and their families. For more information, you can visit the society’s website at, which includes a link to the “Free Reins” documentary about the society produced by the CBC.

Our pledge is that for every real estate purchase and/or sale file that we open in the month of July 2017, we will donate $100.00 upon closing to the Hinchinbrook Farm Society. Transactions do not have to close in the month of July to qualify, so if you have property listed for sale, or have a closing scheduled for later in the summer or fall, please consider contacting us in July to open a file.

July is usually a busy property month, (and this seems especially promising), so with your help, we hope to pass on a tidy sum to the society to help with its fine work. Updates to follow!

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