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About the Hound

Since November of 2015, our professional team has included our Director of Canine Affairs, Jaco.

Jaco's first career was as a racing greyhound in Florida, where he raced under the name "Arkans T-Rex." He retired at just two years old. His new name was given in honour of the great jazz fusion bass player Jaco Pastorius, (and it rhymes with 'taco').

Jaco is a very quiet, sensitive dog, and he usually comes to work with me three days a week, depending on my scheduled commitments. He spends most of his day napping, and most of our clients and visitors quickly forget he is there. If you are allergic to dogs, or if for any reason you would prefer not to encounter a dog at our office, please let us know, and we will arrange for your appointment(s) to be scheduled on non-Jaco days.

If you are curious about greyhounds, and the lives of retired racers in Nova Scotia, you can check out Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada (GPAC)'s website at:

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